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Glass House Mountains Sunset Time-Lapse

Glass House Mountains SunsetPut the Glass House Mountains, forestry burning off and a sunset all rolled in together into a time-lapse video and you get awesome viewing.

This afternoon made for perfect conditions to climb to the top of Mount Ngungun with camera equipment, and set it up to capture the closing moments of the day. Mt Ngungun, part of the Glass House Mountains, is an ideal mountain to take in the views of the surrounding beauty. This mountain gives climbers 360 degree views and is central to many of the other mountains in the area.

Climbers can also enjoy both the sunrises and sunsets from many vantage points along the walking track on Mt Ngungun. In the early mornings, the sun can be seen rising up over the ocean looking towards Wild Horse Mountain. And in the afternoons, the sun can be seen setting near or behind both Mt Coonowrin and Mt Beerwah.

At this time of the year the Glass House Mountains are extremely popular for daily exercise, with many of the car parks overflowing each day. Many climbers using the Glass House Mountains for serious exercise, don’t even pause at the top before heading back down to take in the views. Although, today was an exception for many of them…

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